Club History & Facts

The Kinsmen Club of Coquitlam has a 55 year legacy in the community of Coquitlam. Some of our projects include:

We did it

Towne Centre Park Accessible Playground

  • Kin Water Spray Park at Blue Mountain
  • Kids Playground and Wharfs at Como Lake
  • Tennis Courts at Mackie Park
  • Kinsmen Affordable Housing Project
  • Kinsmen Club of Coquitlam Community Bus
  • Search and Rescue Trailer and EquipmentFirst Ambulance in Coquitlam
  • Founding partner and Member of the Festival Coquitlam Society
  • Yearly Pancake Breakfast at Como Lake Fishing Derby

We raise funds for:

  • Coquitlam Kinsmen Scouts
  • Coquitlam First Ambulance
  • Coquitlam First Swimming Pool
  • The Dogwood Pavilion
  • Eagle Ridge Hospital
  • B.C. Childrens Hospital
  • Big Brothers
  • Little League baseball
  • The Share Society
  • Coquitlam Library
  • Cystic Fibrosis research
  • The Kinsmen Foundation
  • And more...

You can be a member of one of the most dynamic Kinsmen Clubs in Canada.  Just send an email to

What's in it for you?

New friends.

You can give something back to your community.

Personal development.

Who we are?

Kin Canada, founded in 1920, is an all-Canadian service organization made up of active community volunteers.

Working together, our members are enhancing the quality of life in their communities by promoting service, fellowship, positive values and national pride.

Clubs support cystic fibrosis (CF) research and fund local projects across the country. District 5 BC/Yukon Clubs also support The Kinsmen Foundation of B.C.&Yukon which assists physically challenged people.

"Serving the Community's Greatest Need"

Kin Canada consists of 8 Districts which are divided into zones and individual clubs.The Kinsmen Club of Coquitlam is in the Lower Mainland Zone and one of the 60 Clubs which make up District 5 B.C./Yukon.